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V(WQ) Stainless Steel Sewage Pump

V(WQ) Stainless Steel Sewage Pump

Mogel V(WQ)submersible sewage pump series, a branch of single-phase and three-phree- phase drainage pumps,will be your ideal drainage helper. The letter "V" which substitutes for the letters "WQ" indicates the distince design of the filter and the broadness of the high efficient area.It can work safely and efficiently at high flux with the feature of complete heads.The design is designed to a wide tunnel which helps to convey the long fiber liquid or the solid whose diameter is aboit 15 -25mm.The selection of bottom suction structure,stainless steel and special cast iron made the pump has the capabilities of complete drain and high resistance of abrasion and corrosion.The float switch can automatically control on and off with the change of the liquor lever.The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when it overheated or overcurrented,thus guarantee the security and reliability of pump's run even in the atrocious environment.

Working Conditions
1.The maximum deep it is allowed in water is 5m from its center of impeller;
2.The trans medium's temperature shouldn't be higher than 40℃;
3.Trans medium's PH:4~10;
4.Kinematics viscosity of the trans mediumis: 7x10-7~23x10- 6m2/s;
5.Density of the trans medium Limit:1.2x103 kg/m3.
  • Description1
    1 Bolt 11 25 Nut 11
    2 Stretching washer 11 26 Motor stator 11
    3 Washer 11 27 Screw 11
    4 Handle 11 28 Stretching washer 11
    5 Screw 11 29 Thermal protector
    6 Cable 30 Undulated washer 1586
    7 Flange 11 31 Ball bearing
    8 Cable protector cR 32 Rotor
    g apacitor cover No35B 33 Ball bearing
    10 Screw 11 34 Rubber washer NBR
    11 Cable presser 11 35 Screw 11
    12 Protector NR 36 Oring NBR
    13 o"ring NBR 37 onnection part No35B
    1i Capacitor 38 Mechanlical seal Aumina Graphite
    15 Float switch 39 Oring NBR
    16 Rubber washer NBR 40 Oil chamber cover No35B
    17 Screw Fe360A 41 Washer 11
    18 Strotching washer 1566 42 Screw 11
    19 Washer Fo360A 43 Oil scal
    20 Press plate Fe360A 44 lmpeller PA66730%Flber
    21 Line protector NBR 45 Nut 11
    22 Screw CuZn40 46 Out-let connec!or ABS
    23 Stretching washer 1566 47 -oring NBR
    24 Washer CuZn40 48 Pump body No35B

    Model Power Outlet
    G.w. Packing
    (KW) (mm) (VIHz) (L/min) (m) (m) (kg) (cm)
    V180F 0.18 40 3225 220/50 133 7 15 8.5 20.0X19.0X40.0
    V250F 0.25 4032 25 220/50 150 7.5 15 9.5 20.0X19.0X40.0

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